The Metatext Project

METATEXT starts from a long experience in translation, text organisation and integration of communication services. Over the years, we have developed a working method that has allowed us to guarantee the highest levels of quality, reliability and rapidity in providing solutions on demand. Today, we are proud to offer our experience to companies and individual clients, with tailored solutions and customized services.

Born in 2003 as a translation provider for institutional clients, METATEXT is now committed to offer its services to clients of all types. Our offer includes language courses, communication services, language assistance at all levels and a blog devoted to the linguistic and cultural aspects of translation and professional training for languages. A special feature of our blog focuses on the issues of cultural mediation which is an added value for the texts to be translated: address your audience with the right words is of paramount importance for a successful communication.

METATEXT offers different types of services: “one-shot” services, legal and technical translations, integrated services for longer and more complex projects, translations and revisions of academic papers and scientific articles. Thanks to our flexible structure and our expertise, METATEXT delivers work results that are dedicated, reliable and affordable for the client.

A small innovation of our translation service is the subscription, useful for clients with a constant flow of documents to be translated or to be revised, often on a weekly or monthly basis. The service is an ideal way to save time and money with a guarantee of a fast and secure delivery.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for details and prices here or visit our page with subscription infos.

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