A legal translation must be accurate, comprehensible in all of its parts, lexically consistent with the source text and carefully revised and double checked. It must have a complete reliability and readability. When certified, such a translation carries also a responsibility in both civil and penal terms. Moreover, the registration and swearing of a legal translation require a sound knowledge of the procedure and a specific attention to detail. At METATEXT we are specialized in a wide range of legal translations for law firms, companies and individuals who may need a legalisation and certified translation of their documents. We know the differences between the Common Law and the Civil Law jurisdictions and take care to deliver translations which are both reliable and attentive to the subtle differences in meaning and vocabulary of these two systems.

We translate legal texts of different types with a special accuracy and fast delivery; the target text complies with criteria of readability, cohesiveness, style consistency and lexicon and is delivered in reasonable times and at a reasonable price. Our translations are double checked and revised by a specialized editor.

We also assist to track back the acts and documents from the archive of the Tribunal of Rome or to organise a file of the documents to be translated.

We translate, among others, the following:

  • Personal documents like passports, identity cards, residence permits
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Certificates of residence, of live birth
  • Statements
  • Notary deeds
  • Contracts
  • Reports
  • Judgments
  • Memoranda
  • Declarations
  • Testimonies, affidavits
  • Writs of summon
  • Legal papers for publication
  • Balance sheets
  • Articles of association, by-laws
  • Deeds of conveyance, purchase deeds, etc.
  • Memoranda of understanding
  • Acts, laws and regulations

Our services for certified translations

When you need a certified translation in Italy, we prepare the file with the original copy, we take care of collecting the papers, translate the documents in all of their parts (stamps and handwritten traces included), carefully revise, go to the office to swear and give you back the documents in one single copy. For legalizations and apostils, there might be more than one step and the procedure takes longer (up to four days, due to bureaucratic processing).

IN CASE OF TRANSFER FROM ABROAD OR TO ANOTHER COUNTRY, let us have your documents to translate and certify at the relevant offices and have them delivered in a short time, complete with stamps and fees. For any further details and a free quote, do not hesitate to contact us.


If you have a law firm with a steady flow of documents from abroad, you can choose a subscription service which allows you to save time and money, having a guarantee of efficiency and reliability in meeting the deadlines. The service may be purchased on a three-, six- or 1 year basis and renewed at the end of the period, at a special and extremely convenient price. For terms and conditions of the service, please see SUBSCRIPTION.

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