Italian for foreigners

Learning a language is less difficult than it seems. You need good will and patience, mental flexibility, cultural sensitivity and time to devote to your passion. You should remember that not everyone has the same learning abilities and follows the lessons at the same pace as others. For some, classroom activity may feel tiresome and slow, whilst, for others it can be stimulating and entertaining. This is why it is important to assess correctly the skills and the starting level of everyone and outline a personalized profile in order for you to obtain the best results and maximize your investment of time and energy.


The Italian language is often associated with the beautiful art, food and fashion of our country, which is a popular destination for tourists around the world. But Italian is much more than just a ‘tourist language’. Learning Italian offers many benefits beyond just being able to communicate as an occasional visitor to Italy. The language plays a significant role in international relations as an official language of the European Union and represents an invaluable asset if you want to work in Italy. First of all because, as a general rule, it’s impossible to understand correctly a culture and its expressions without knowing the language and because speaking correctly reflects an attitude that’s more proactive, culturally sensitive and definitively useful for your working life.

At METATEXT we offer courses of Italian language at all levels. The courses are available in different modules of 20, 40 or 60 hours at a competitive price, include books and materials plus some extra activities in town, (such as the ones we call “language on the move”, “window shopping” and “test your knowledge and win an aperitif” in the case of general Italian courses).

The modules delivered on the basis of 20, 40 or 60 hours are generally organised in classrooms, with typical classroom activities: a small group of 4 to 6 people meets at a scheduled time twice a week at our office.

For ONE-TO-ONE COURSES, the module is more flexible and changes according to students’ needs and availability on a weekly basis. One-to-one modules require 20 or 40 hours, books and materials are included but the course must be booked and paid for in advance.

For BUSINESS ITALIAN, the lessons are delivered at your office, on a flexible basis and include: language lessons, writing assistance, role plays, red-tape terminology, jargon at work, terminology and specific glossaries (customized and tailored to your needs) to assist you in everyday working activities.

All our courses start the 1st of every month.

Please consult the table here, to check available courses and prices:


A student who decides to enroll to our courses has to take a test to establish the level and proficiency of their language (if the level differs from the entry or beginner level).

GENERAL ITALIAN (levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Duration: 5 weeks, 20 hours or 8 weeks, 40 hours.

ProgrammeGrammar, syntax, reading, vocabulary, role-plays aimed at improving speaking and fluency, basic writing. on the basis of students’ level. Plus extra activities.

Schedule: Lessons of 2 hours, twice a week in small groups of 4 to a max of 6 students.

Price: € 250 (books and materials included; NO EXTRA FEES), € 490 (40 hours).

Preparation to certification exams (personalised course)

Depending on the level, modules of 20, 30 or 40 hours

Duration: Flexible over 5, 7 or 9 weeks

ProgrammeGrammar, syntax, reading, vocabulary, role-plays aimed at improving speaking and fluency, basic writing. on the basis of students’ level. Plus extra activities.

Schedule: Intensive lessons of 2 hours, twice a week with blended modality (one-to-one lessons plus distance learning and lessons on the move).

Price: From 300 euros for 20 hours, 420 euros 30 hours, 560 euros 40 hours (books and material included)


Duration:  7 to 10 weeks, since the course is flexible the duration may vary but it should never extend beyond 10 weeks. 30 or 40 hours twice a week, blended course with lessons via Skype to be scheduled on a weekly basis.

Programme: The language of business; types of companies in Italy; trade and commercial notions; how to establish a contact with a company; writing letters, emails; telephone conversation; vocabulary at work: typical words and expressions; habits, customs and the language related to them. Basic grammar and syntax.

Schedule: Organized as a one-to-one course. It can be tailored according to your needs and blended with Skype lessons.

Price: 30 hours, € 580; 40 hours € 680 (individual course) books and materials included.


Duration: from 6 to 8 weeks. 20 or 30 hours modules.

ProgrammeAimed at improving listening and conversation skills through the use of real language and role-plays. Activities include: listening, shadowing, vocabulary clouding, topic based conversations, topic based role plays according to level and proficiency of students. 

Schedule: Twice a week, blended via Skype lessons once a week.

Price: 20 hours € 300; 30 hours € 440 (books and materials included)

PAYMENTS: For classroom courses, the payment is 20% at the enrollment and 80% at the beginning of the course. For one-to-one courses, the payment must be regulated in advance, once the course has been booked and scheduled.

For info and other available courses please contact:

ROBERTA FORNARI   Landline: 06-6385979 Mobile: 393-9077567