Italian for business

Duration: We provide two different training modules of 32, 40 or 60 hours each to be distributed over 8 to 14 weeks; lessons may be blended with Skype lessons once or twice a week.

Description: This course aims at improving language fluency and comprehension at work, as well as in daily life. An incremental method of training using practice and language development is paired with active listening and role plays based on real situations. Flexibility and effectiveness are the strength of this course. Books and materials are included.

Programme (it may vary according to length of course): This list includes the general topics addressed in the course. The language of business; types of companies in Italy; trade and commercial notions; how to establish a contact with a company; writing letters, emails related to your sector; telephone conversation and typical expressions; vocabulary at work: typical words and expressions; habits, customs and the language related to them; the importance of conversation and small talk; techniques of persuasion at work and sentence structure; focused listening and basic techniques for devising meaning; basic grammar and syntax.

Fees:  (one-to-one courses at particpant’s office)   32 hours, € 590, 40 hours € 720, 60 hours (upon request). Books and materials included. In case of two or more participants (up to six) the fee is 30% off.